Halpin v. Hardy (In re Hardy)

(Bankr. E.D. Ky. July 8, 2016)

The bankruptcy court holds the debt is dischargeable. The debtor sold a television to the plaintiffs, claiming it was a “high definition” television. The plaintiffs disputed that characterization and obtained a judgment in state court for the purchase price plus punitive damages. However, the court finds that the plaintiffs failed to meet their burden of proof in showing the requisite elements of § 523(a)(2)(A). Opinion below.

Judge: Schaaf

Attorneys for Plaintiffs: Thomas D. Bullock, James Ross Stinetorf, DelCotto Law Group PLLC, Laura Day DelCotto, Dean A. Langdon

Attorneys for Debtors: Getty & Childers, PLLC, J.D. Kermode

2016-07-08 – halpin v hardy

Author: Matt Lindblom

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